MASTER SWIPE FILE - A Notion template for creators who need inspiration (designers, copywriters, webdev,...)

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If you're a creator of some kind, you know how important inspiration is. It's the primary ingredient in your masterpiece's recipe.

One thing I've learned by creating stuff is that - inspiration has a tendency to be missing when you need it the most.

I also learned that some things can get you inspired.

The color in a painting. A clever hook in an email. The format of a sales page.

They create sparks of ideas that strings and mix together to create… good stuff.

A Swipe File is a collection of sparks.

And this Notion template is going to make creating your own swipe file easy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find something cool
  2. Save it with the Webclipper directly into your Master Swipe File (or Save to Notion Chrome Extension)
  3. That’s it, it’s in your Swipe File for when you need it.

I use my swipe file for a hundred reasons:

  • When I want to write something and need inspiration for a good hook
  • When I need to design a sales page
  • When I want to sell something and don’t know what kind of ‘call to action’ to use
  • When I need examples to show my students how to do something
  • When I feel like I want to create something new
  • When I want to reference someone but forgot their name
  • When I want to tell an inspiring story

You can also use it:

  • If you’re an artist: as a gallery of beautiful paintings you like
  • If you’re a musician: as a collection of songs that you love
  • If you’re a web dev: as a repertoire of cool web design
  • If you’re a copywriter: as a file of the best copy you ever read

You can also reference this Swipe File into other parts of your Notion workspace, so you get exactly the right kind of inspiration, where and when you need it.

What’s included in this Template:

  • The full Master Swipe File page
  • Examples so you see exactly how it works
  • Detailed instructions on how to use it, and how to modify it if you need to

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Build yourself a full collection of inspiration by simply saving what you love into an easy to sort page.

Easy to use, easy to browse, minimalist design

MASTER SWIPE FILE - A Notion template for creators who need inspiration (designers, copywriters, webdev,...)

0 ratings
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